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Manoli l'élan, la rencontre

Author (s): David Rosenberg - Foreword by Robert Solé and Pascal Bonafoux - With the collaboration of Britt-Marie Manoli

Date of publication: 06/03/2003


Price: 35.00 €

Binding: Hardcover

Pages: 144

Illustrations: 90Format: 25 x 28 cm

This book is prefaced by Robert Solé, writer, mediator at Le Monde, Pascal Bonafoux, writer, critic, professor of art history in Paris VIII and Britt Manoli, wife of the artist; It is enriched with a beautiful text in the form of a primer of David Rosenberg, writer.


"How can we speak of an innovative and non-conformist sculptor if not by designing a work with an original presentation? Manoli, the momentum, the meeting of David Rosenberg fulfills this mission. Those who know Manoli will appreciate this publication. The others will discover it with pleasure as the presentation of the artist and his works is pleasant and varied.

The summary invites you to meet the artist through the eyes of his wife and that of several writers. The portrait created by David Rosenberg, in the form of a primer, seduces by its originality and its synthesis. Simple but effective, he sketches a portrait of Manoli the artist, Manoli the technician, but also Manoli the eternal child.


Themes, the following chapters, illustrated with full-page photographs, present a wide range of works of the sculptor. From clay through faience to brass, he does not favor any material, but remains faithful to his tool: fire. Moreover, as David Rosenberg writes so well: "The blowpipe was nothing but his hand at a good temperature."


The sacred fire burned in Manoli. The book dedicated to him proves it well and Prometheus would not contradict it. In spite of a square and rigid format, it nevertheless resembles his works in perpetual motion so one never tires of leafing it over and over again. D.Q.


The Gazette of the Hotel Drouot n ° 24, 20 June 2OO3.




Language (s): French

ISBN 2-85056-609-8

Publisher: Co-edition L'Atelier Manoli, museum and sculpture garden, La Richardais / Somogy éditions d'Art

Dewey: 2002 - 730.92 MAN

MANOLI la matière et l'esprit

A man of fire, the sculptor Manoli has adopted a language for a free interpretation of forms born of molten matter, for a new image of man and the universe. He experimented with tin, brass, stainless steel, granite, and earthenware, which he worked with a torch, the flame of which was the emblematic tool and the guarantee of plastic unity. The human figure and the cosmos, the bestiary, subtend a mythical universe arbitrated by time. With his assemblages, his sculpture claims the principle of encounter as a phenomenon inherent in his creation that remains inseparable from the imaginary.


Playful, dreamlike, ecumenical, the sculpture of Manoli transmits to us the human values ​​that are dear to him. It is in alchemist, humanist and poet of matter that he transmits to us his optimism and his hope in man as expressed by his monumental sculptures destined to participate in the life of his contemporaries for a new world. This new monograph presents some of the most significant achievements of Manoli, to be discovered or rediscovered, in the museum-garden of La Richardais (35).


This new monograph presents some of the most significant achievements of Manoli, to be discovered or rediscovered, in the museum-garden of La Richardais (35).






Publisher: Editions Palantines (September 13, 2011)

French language

ISBN-10: 2356780572

ISBN-13: 978-2356780577



Product dimensions: 27.8 x 1.5 x 22.5 cm

112 pages

Price: 25 €


The collection and the studio of the artist are a property of the Département d'Ille-et-Vilaine

The Museum is managed by the GIP "Atelier Manoli Musée et Jardin de sculptures" whose members are: Département d'Ille-et-Vilaine, la Communauté Côte d"Émeraude, la commune de La Richardais et l'Association des Amis du Musée-Jardin Pierre Manoli