Utopia naturalia

mARION RICHOMME / Quentin montagne

June 19 - September 16


Offering a dialogue between two young artists, the exhibition offers opportunities for contemporary and unexpected interpretations of the world of life. Little approached by Manoli, the maritime element is here summoned by the imaginary.


Marion Richomme, visual artist, freely draws on life forms (shells, sponges, corollas) and forms unpredictable creations to create an imaginary biotope. "The fine variations around known species redesign Nature; biological curiosities are unveiled in scholarly terms (Toxopneustes Pileolus, Maximus Oniscidea Resolutae) evoking a poetic, dreamlike, or gently absurd register "François Salmeron, art critic.

An artist from Rennes, Quentin Montagne selects in the fields of the History of Art, Architecture and Mass Culture the elements touching the Wonderful and tries to weave other links than historical or genre. After the exhibition "a cat is a cat: the bestiary of Manoli", "utopia naturalia" commits us to reconsider the living in a dynamic conception where Nature expresses herself in unpredictable creations and constantly renewed, forming an artistic biodiversity contemporary.


The exhibition invites us to a maritime voyage in utopian worlds.


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